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5 Skin Problems Microneedling Helps Treat

Microneedling might sound scary. But the truth is that microneedling is a popular and safe minimally invasive treatment for a variety of skin concerns that can give you better skin. Microneedling treats a host of skin problems by promoting collagen growth. Collagen is the protein in your skin that g [...]

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Acne Skin Care 101

Severe acne can affect many facets of a person’s life, causing a great deal of embarrassment and stress. Some severe forms of acne like acne cysts may rupture and cause scars that can result in psychological effects on the sufferer. Having skin full of pimples and zits may significantly limit one [...]

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1 in 5 Tanners Will Develop Melanoma Cancer

The American Academy Of Dermatology recently polled that 3,800 girls and women between the ages of 14 and 22 are pursuing and or considering tans via tanning beds. The poll is disturbing to Dermatologists who have repeatedly warned of the risk of skin cancer through the use of tanning beds. Dr. Susa [...]

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Ban on Teen Tanning

Ever wished you had a tan? Millions of teenagers and young adults tan their skin and that has many dermatologists concerned. The skin cancer foundation has informed us that tanning, whether it be tanning from the sun or by tanning beds is very dangerous. Tans are a direct result of UV radiation whic [...]

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The Best Skin Care Advice

Exfoliate The buildup of stratum corneum (the dead, outermost skin cell layer) can make skin appear blotchy. Also, remnants of self-tanning products can collect in typically dry areas (such as the elbows), causing the skin to lose its luster and appear “dirty.” Loofahs, scrubs, alpha hydroxy aci [...]

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Best Sunscreen Protection Advice

Overexposure to the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet (UV) light not only leads to premature aging but also lead to skin cancer and pre-cancers lesions like actinic keratoses (AKs). Since sun damage accumulates over time, it’s never too late to start a sun protection regimen. Use sunscreen with an SPF [...]

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Dysport Vs Botox

Dysport is a new cosmetic competitor of Botox that treats wrinkles around the eyes known as crow’s feet and horizontal wrinkles that form on the forehead. Both Botox and Dysport make use of a toxin that prevents signals to the facial muscles which minimizes unwanted lines and wrinkles. Dysport how [...]

Itchy Dry Skin An Issue For Diabetics

Dry skin is a very common problem, one symptom of dry skin is itchiness however if left untreated, the skin may crack and allow bacteria to slip through. There has been a rise in patients visiting dermatologists because of the severe dry conditions at west Texas recently. Dry skin is usually caused [...]

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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins or telangiectasias are those tiny purple and red blood vessels found most commonly on the thighs or lower legs of women. They are hereditary and can form anywhere on the leg, from the top of your thigh to the ankle. They can appear raised with a bluish color and can become quite painful [...]

Melanoma Skin Cancer

What is Melanoma The answer to the question asked by patients, their families, and other concerned people is that melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. To reach a more complete understanding, it is necessary to learn how the cells in the body become malignant. Melanoma is the most seriou [...]