Dysport Vs Botox

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Dysport is a new cosmetic competitor of Botox that treats wrinkles around the eyes known as crow’s feet and horizontal wrinkles that form on the forehead. Both Botox and Dysport make use of a toxin that prevents signals to the facial muscles which minimizes unwanted lines and wrinkles. Dysport however is less thick than Botox allowing it to cover more areas. This is attractive when working with smaller muscles that form wrinkles near the eyes. Botox is useful for thick muscles like the eyebrows and forehead.

Both products are temporary but closer studies reveal Dysport can last close to 6 months. Patients that currently undergo Botox treatment are expected to return every 3 months, in other words 4 treatments a year compared to only 2 treatments for Dysport. The effects of Dysport are also much more visible between 1 to 3 days while botox could take up to 15 days at best to show improvements in the skin. Dysport like Botox may form antibodies, a result when foreign substances are introduced into the body but patients were reported using Dysport after Botox treatments began losing its effectiveness.

Price comparison show no significant difference between Dysport and Botox. Dysport maybe a better choice due to faster and longer results.