Silhouette Facelift

Non-Surgical alternative to traditional Facelift that is used to lift and tighten sagging skin in the mid to lower face. Uses soft sutures to lift the soft tissue of face.

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facelift without surgery miami silhouette

Silhouette Lift

Miami Dermatology Center offers a revolutionary and minimally invasive face lift procedure called Silhouette Lift. This technique is used to tighten any sagging tissue in the mid and lower face. This innovative procedure allow patients to look younger in just one office visit. Silhouette Lift was approved by the FDA in 2006 and since then, thousands of patients have experienced the benefits Silhouette Lift.

Silhouette Lift for Everyone

Silhouette Lift works for both men and women who have sagging skin and other signs of aging that need to be tighten. Through the Silhouette Lift your cheeks and jawline are better defined and after a 2 to 4 day recovery you can go back to work and enjoy the immediate results. The Silhouette Lift easily removes years off your face in less than 45 minutes. No hospitalization is necessary. The surgical marks are nearly invisible, hidden behind your hairline by your temporal area.

Benefits of Silhouette Lift

  • Done in a comfortable office with local anesthesia
  • Only 2 to 4 days to recover
  • Results are Natural looking and long lasting up to 4 years
  • Safe and Effective, approved by the FDA
  • Able to retighten after a few years to extend results

Difference between Silhouette Lift & Traditional Facelift

  • Silhouette lift is performed in a comfortable office with local anesthetics meanwhile Traditional Facelift is made in a hospital with general anesthetics.
  • Silhouette Facelift is more affordable at a fraction of the cost of a Traditional Facelift
  • Silhouette Facelift recovery time is 4 days where Traditional Facelift has a downtime of 2 weeks

Silhouette Lift Procedure

The Silhouette technique involves the use of specialized sutures commonly used in cardio vascular surgery. The sutures are known as Polypropylene, biocompatible material. Our Doctors at Miami Dermatology center will make a small incision to the temporal region right above the person’s hairline. Depending how much lift a person needs the Silhouette Sutures will be introduced and pulled back to lift the lower face. After the procedure there is a possibility of mild soreness and some pain.

none-surgical Face lift

Step 1

The Silhouette Suture is inserted through an incision near the temporal area.

silhouette face lift miami sutures

Step 2

The Silhouette Suture goes in the face and into the cheek area.

Silhouette face lift miami dermatology

Step 3

The Silhouette Suture is then anchored and pulled upwards.

miami dermatology Silhouette face lift

Step 4

The Silhouette Suture is tied. No visible marks on the face.

Silhouette Facelift Photo Gallery

Silhouette face lift non invasive

Before Silhouette Lift

The cheeks and lower Jawline are sagging

Silhouette face lift non surgical

After Silhouette Lift

The cheeks are lifted and no sagging left

Silhouette face lift before and after

Before Silhouette Lift

Both cheeks are sagging giving the face a very round complexion

Silhouette face lift before and after

After Silhouette Lift

The appearance is much younger without the droopy cheeks

Silhouette face lift miami sutures

Before Silhouette Lift

Very visible sagging seen in the lower face, lost volume

Silhouette sutures miami face lift

 After Silhouette Lift

Sagging cheeks were lifted with no visible marks from procedure

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