Itchy Dry Skin An Issue For Diabetics

Dry skin is a very common problem, one symptom of dry skin is itchiness however if left untreated, the skin may crack and allow bacteria to slip through. There has been a rise in patients visiting dermatologists because of the severe dry conditions at west Texas recently. Dry skin is usually caused by your environment or in other cases misuse of moisturizer. Areas affected include arms, hands, lower legs and abdomen. It’s often worse during the winter or in extreme dry conditions such as what is being experienced by residence in Texas. If left untreated the area may swell and become inflamed.

Dry skin isn’t life threatening and is considered more of a nuisance then anything else but for diabetics it’s another red flag to watch out for. Diabetics are more prone to serious problems than those without diabetes. Diabetics risk possible infections that may lead to amputating a limb. Making skin care more important than ever. There may be some that are already infected and must seek medical care. Diabetes’s can damage the ability to sweat, preventing much needed moisture to the skin and cause further complications.

People suffering from diabetes are urged to take precautions such as applying lotion when needed. There are some diabetics that say lotions isn’t enough to prevent dry skin however dermatologists advise soaking the stressed areas before applying lotion and also recommend checking your feet for any signs of cracking on a daily bases.